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Wizard Will: The Wonder Worker - Book Review

Sometimes, we come across the books which are not immensely popular and it makes you feel hesitant to give that book a try. And then you end up not reading the book. The end result? You miss out on the opportunity to read one gem of a book! Wizard Will: The Wonder Worker is one such book. I had downloaded it many months ago but never decided to read.

One fine day, while browsing through my collection of books in Kindle, I stumbled upon this book. I read the first few lines & I was totally mesmerised. I was literally coerced into the book. Even though I only read the first chapter that day, I finished the whole book in just 2 days!

Wizard Will: The Wonder Worker is one of the most cohesive novels I have ever read. Its story is quite gripping & the plots are so well interwoven. There is not a single dull in the whole book. It is the kind of book that keeps you glued from start to end. It makes you curious about what is going to happen in the next chapter.
About the book. Wizard …
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